Disc Golf Champions Survey

Its hard to believe its been 1 year since we have been developing Disc Golf Champions. Now with most of the major components out of the way, we are working to put all the pieces together and make the game stable.

Disc Golf Champions has come a long way since we started initially working on the concept. Production has been slow but steady as we are a team of two with a passion for game developing especially for disc golf video games.

Some questions have come up internally and we would like to ask you. Please take a quick minute and fill out the survey below.

Disc Golf Champions Survey






10 thoughts on “Disc Golf Champions Survey

  1. dmschrockstar

    Any projection for a release date as of yet? If this game is going to be a legit as it looks I can’t wait to get a copy.

    • Alan Post author

      No projection yet as we working on core mechanics and starting to put all the pieces together! Thanks for the support and interest!

  2. Mattybrooo

    Extremely excited to see something of this caliber coming out!!!! I’m a die hard player but it snows here and so the off-season would be fun to have something like this on the PS4 one day!!! Keep it up and thank you!!!

    • Alan Post author

      Very cool! We are working hard on the game logic and focusing on making Disc Golf Champions multi-platform with PS4 on the list.

    • Alan Post author

      Yes, the most important part about DGC is we are building the game to work on multi-platforms including Windows and Mac. We can also make use of the steam platform you are correct. Thank you for the feedback!

  3. Rauxrloops

    Update PLEASE its the End Of August 2017 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ps4 /Xbox? online competitive? Skins? Ranked|Unranked?………Release datr Estimate ? Please!!!!

  4. toob13

    I got into disc golf this year and already have almost 20 discs! I also have been a gamer my whole life, so I’m super excited for this game! Any idea of when this could be seen on PC or Xbox 360? I would like to think a few months, but 6-10 months is more realistic? Just a guess having no idea of the progress 🙂

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